Intuition Knows Best is a platform dedicated to exploring the nature of consciousness and the deepening need for spirituality in modern day society. 

Playfully named after the old adage "mother knows best", IKB represents exactly the opposite of that sentiment. 

We are built on the belief that reality is different for each individual, and each individual's reality is valid. At IKB we empower every person to re-examine what they have accepted as their reality - what truths they have aligned with. Truth is perceived by the resonance you feel to it in your body - are all the beliefs you hold as "true" actually yours? We believe in a society where individuals are encouraged to explore their own truths. 

We champion the belief that every individual's unique perspective and true expression carries divine medicine.

We invite you to explore the possibility that you can have everything you've ever dreamed of. In fact, we would say that because you have dreamt it, it is already yours. 

Obtaining our dreams is as simple as realizing that which we are not, so that we may embody all that we are.