divine joy is your birthright

I believe in a world where animals are our equals and we treat everything we encounter with honor and reverence. 

There is a revolution of awakening occurring on our planet. Each human is designed strategically to be their own master. 

Combining two years of training in the intuitive arts with my certification as a breathwork teacher, I have created sessions that teach individuals the tools for facilitating their own healing and mastery. 

I am passionate about teaching people to work with their e-motions (energy in motion) to better understand the reason they have manifested the reality they exist within. 

We have a choice, as creators of our own life, to commit to ourselves. Or, we can continue to be influenced by the waves of an increasingly demanding and stressful society. My sessions will teach you to find your center, leading to a more fulfilled and joyful quality of life. 

I am local to Los Angeles and offer in-person intuitive breathwork sessions at my office in Burbank. All other one-on-one sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom. 

One on One

Group Classes 

Come breathe with me!

Group classes are a great introduction to Intuitive Breathwork sessions. Come experience the magic and see if a one on one session is something you could benefit from!
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